Unit 0:

Space Wellness


You are an astronaut who is preparing for a one way voyage to outer space.  Emotional challenges must be considered to keep you and your crew functioning effectively.


Essential Question:

What hobbies and activities bring you joy and wellness on Earth and how would they have to be adapted in outer space?


Student Take Aways:

Life in space requires adapting to a new set of conditions.


Big Ideas:

Microgravity can lead to muscular atrophy.  Isolation in space can lead to depression.



 When an object is in the state of 
free fall
or experiencing one-millionth 
the amount of gravity as found here on Earth.
The band OK Go filmed a video in a zero gravity vomet comet
What happens when you cry in space? You witness the "awe" of molecular cohesion.

Mental Toughness

The ability to overcome doubt, worries, or concerns
that prevent you from succeeding 

The Space Race

How can everyone benefit from competition?
1957 - USSR launches Sputnik   
1958 - USA launches Explorer 1
1959 - USSR launches projectile and hits the moon
1961 - Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space
1961 - USA sends Alan Shepard to space
1966 - USSR sends probe to Venus
1968 - USA astronauts orbit the moon
1969 - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step on the moon
1975 - First USSR and USA joint space mission
Sputnik - The 1st satellite in space
USSR tests space flight with dogs Belka and Strelka in 1957
USA uses monkeys named Albert instead

Scientific Literacy

"Science Literacy is a vaccine against the charlatans of the world who want to exploit your ignorance."


- Neil Degrasse Tyson

Science Literacy is the understanding of simple science concepts in order to help you make better calculated decisions in your
day-to-day life.
A scientific literate mind will evaluate all information and the sources it came from when forming and expressing their own opinions.

Effects on the Human Body

What do we need to know about our surroundings to be better prepared for success?
How an we adapt this knowledge to be better prepared for success in the classroom?

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