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Every other Friday we will head down to the park and students will deliver their news summary based on something they have read in related to science and the content we are discussing.  
Your assignment will consist of the original article printed out (first page or the link), a 1 paragraph summary, 1 paragraph reflection, and 1 Question you have after reading the article.  The summary should consist of what are the important takeaways from the article and the reflection should be your own opinion on the importance of what is going on and how it can impact our future on this planet. It must also contain a title and your full name, date and period.
LATE WORK will be accepted up to 7 days from when the assignment was due (The following Friday) for HALF CREDIT.  Email the work before your class bell rings for full credit if you are sick, or your printer "does not work."
The following are a list of appropriate websites with relevant news articles. If you would like to do something extra, run it by me first. 
How will I be graded?

Each assignment will have a written and a presentation grade.

If the student does not present that week, their written grade will count for 100% of the grade. 

News Summary Student Example


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Engaging Title

Link to Article: “Air Pollution is 'The New Tobacco,' Warns World Health Organization”

Summary: Air pollution is a dangerous matter. Not many people understand the harmful effects it has on their bodies. 93 percent of children under the age of 15 are exposed to air pollution that exceeds safety levels. Many kids in low and high income neighborhoods are exposed to air pollution and it can be deadly. The poor air quality led to 543,000 deaths of children under the age of five due in 2016. Many kids are more susceptible to the effects of the bad air because they are still developing. Even women who are pregnant can birth children prematurely or undeveloped due to the air. Tobacco is a commonly used product but still more people die each year from air pollution! We need to cut back on the power plants and other factories in this world to make our air cleaner.


Reflection: I think that our world today is just getting more and more polluted each year. This is causing global warming which is leading to the extinction of many plants and animals. It’s really sad to think that we are slowly destroying the beautiful planet we live and killing millions of thing along with it! I hope we can unite to make our planet healthy and clean again as soon as possible.

Question: I wonder what the long term affects will have on the human population if 90% of children on this planet are now breathing heavily polluted air?

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